Lockdown Xenochrony

“Xenochrony” is a musical technique associated with Frank Zappa, who coined the name from the Greek words xeno (strange) and chrono (time). According to Zappa, “In this technique, various tracks from unrelated sources are randomly synchronized with each other to make a final composition with rhythmic relationships unachievable by other means.”

Throughout the summer the barbarism of pure culture will be linking to archived weekly radio broadcasts from the Late Lunch with Out to Lunch show on Resonance 104.4 FM.

LISTEN HERE:The OTL Show 11-ix-2020

The OTL Show is an hour of Internet DJing by Ben Watson on Soho Radio. This was a prerecord because the studio was closed due to coronoavirus lockdown, and was broadcast at 8am on Friday 11-ix-2020.

Evil Dick “The OTL Show Theme” 1:49
Edgard Varese “Ionisation” composed 1929-1931 premiere NY 6-iii-1933 Rober Craft conducts Membres du Columbia Symphony Orchestra (CBS, 1968) 4:50
Baby Dodds “Spooky Drums No. 1” Drum Solos (Disc 2×10″ 78rpm, 1946) 2:20
Tony Oxley “The Advocate – for Derek Bailey” 17-vi-2006 The Advocate (Tzadik, 2007) 9:54
Xenochronic AMM All-Stars “Rip Up Yer Textbooks All Over Again” Psychedelic Bolsheviks (Ben Moran Healy – electric guitar; Jessie Harper – violin; Rob Jones – synth) “Chronic Hillbilly Jolt” with response from Guy Evans on drums, plus xenochronic electric bass guitar by Eleanor Crook (“Procession of the Pocket Things”) and synth by Graham Davis (“Xen Synth 2”) 15:06
Louis Armstrong with Johnny Dodds’ Black Bottom Stompers “Wild Man Blues” 22-iv-1927 (Brunswick 78rpm, 1927) 3:01
Xenochronic AMM All-Stars “Zorch Stroke Glut Feed” 6-ix-2020 Eleanor Crook – electric bass guitar responding to Out To Lunch’s recording of rain in Somers Town (unheard), Graham Davis – first guitar solo, garden recording (left channel), Ben Moran Healy – second guitar solo, “Pomp Mint of Feathered Alcove” (right channel) with Graham Davis responding on organ, Out To Lunch – Splash’n’Klang 9-viii-2020 3:40>>13:06 Rip Up Yer Textbooks 6-ix-2020 9:41>>18:31 8:50
Louis Armstrong with Johnny Dodds’ Black Bottom Stompers “Wild Man Blues (Rare Version)” 22-iv-1927 (Brunswick 78rpm, 1927) 3:06
Xenochronic AMM All-Stars “Facebook Prognosticator” Graham Davis’s vocal response to Ben Moran Healy on acoustic guitar, “Enter Bingo Feud” Valhalla Cream 2-ix-2020 7:33

Groove vs. Squeeze 26-viii-2020

Xenochronic AMM All-Stars in order of appearance: Peter Baxter – tabletop percussion; Out To Lunch – announcements, field recording, Splash’n’Klang, Google Gargle, piano, Korg ribbon synth, xenochrony; Ben Moran Healy – electric guitar; Guy Evans – drumset; Rob “Sugarlips” Goldsmith – tenor saxophone; Cloughie – electric bass; Graham Davis – Ladybird recitation, “WPLJ”; Eleanor Crook – electric guitar; Dave Black – acoustic guitar, vocals, harmonica, “Back Back Train” and “Jitterbug Swing”; Charlotte Whelan – tape deck fanny pack; John Roy – banjo.

Title Credit: Bob Cobbing, Lawrence Upton and Christopher Nolan

Image: “Painstaking Accretion” Out To Lunch, Doodle Buddy on Eleanor Crook photograph of oak fungus 29-viii-2020


DANburst of Dreams 2-ix-2020


By Xenochronic AMM All-Stars

Xenochronic AMM All-Stars in order of appearance: Cloughie – electric bass; Guy Evans – drumset, trumpet; Eleanor Crook – electric guitar; Graham Davis – jingles, synth; Out To Lunch – piano, readings from J. H. Prynne’s Squeezed White Noise, Splash’n’Klang, google gargle, announcements, xenochrony; Jessica Harper – rhythm mashes; Dave Black – bottleneck guitar; Peter Baxter aka The Baxterium “With Beyonce in the Bayou”, acid synth, percussion.

Drip Hop UK 12-viii-2020

Xenochronic AMM All-Stars in order of appearance: Peter Baxter aka The Baxterium – tabletop percussion, sound montage, “Does Anyone Have an Onion?”, “How To Escape a Place with Scree Walls”; Graham Davis – synth, “Mwaaaah”, “Scree”, “Tinkle”; “Sweep”; Out To Lunch – Splash’n’Klang, piano, announcements, xenochrony; Jair-Rohm Parker Wells – double bass; Eleanor Crook – electric guitar; Ben Moran Healy – electric guitar, Melodica, spoon’n’cup; Rob Jones – synth; Rob Goldsmith – sopranino saxophone; Guy Evans – drumset; John Roy – semi-electric guitar.

Groovy Fidget Muffin Rule 5-viii-2020

Xenochronic AMM All-Stars in order of appearance: Out To Lunch – piano, rural mouthnoise, Korg ribbon synth, acoustic guitar, xenochrony, urbane announcements; Ben Moran Healy – electric guitar, acoustic guitar, snuffles; Rob Jones – synth, Melodica, spoon’n’cup; Jessica Harper – harp; Graham Davis – jingles, synth; Paul Hession – drumset; Eleanor Crook – electric guitar, electric bass, pedal steel; Cloughie – electric bass; Dave Black – acoustic guitar, harmonica; Jair-Rohm Parker Wells – double bass; Guy Evans – samples, drumset; John Roy – baby hand drum, synth; Roy Castle – postponed.

Rhythmically Speaking 29-vii-2020


by Ben Watson

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